And it is hard. It is absolutely

And it is hard. It is absolutely Parents have to give to the teenager the cultural wealth.

It means not simply to report about existence of bible truth, but to teach to apply them in everyday life.

And it is hard.

It is absolutely easy to specify to the teenager the main spiritual ancestors obtained from the Bible, to tell about bible characters and their acts.

But it is not a so ultimate goal.

It is necessary to help your teenager to understand, what relation their acts and the principles of life have personally to it.

It is possible to make it only having made some kind of sacrifice: to offer the time and full undivided attention to the child.

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I will simply

I will simply Being in maternity hospital and then when the husband brings it with the child home, the wife worries only about the child, and the role of the husband is reduced to a role of the porter.

I do not want to tell that the main attention has to be paid to the father and he it and does not wait.

I will simply explain why the father feels the unnecessary.

What help the father in the first weeks can give.

There is nothing surprising that times the father will have mixed feelings in relation to the wife and the child: and during pregnancy of the wife, and so far it in maternity hospital, and then when she together with the newborn comes back home.

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Therefore Walking in knitted shoes, soft boots or bootees too promotes platypodia.

Therefore before formation of the arch of foot year of life of the house should go to m barefoot.

It is good to have on a floor a carpet more warmly, and more usefully.

After all for development of the arch of foot it is necessary to go not on smooth, and on a rough surface.

Normally, if hands and child's feet the cold.

If they warm, it is possible to assume existence of predisposition to cold and to colds.

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It validly

It validly daughters.

It validly dilemma.

On the one hand, the child needs really desperately feeling that it is loved, and physical contact is for this purpose vital.

On the other hand, parents feel awkward and are afraid that it will strongly injure them to children.

I think that we can facilitate life to many parents and remove a stone from their soul if they understand: irrespective of age the corresponding physical contact is necessary for each child; quite naturally, if someone from parents sometimes has casual sexual feelings or fleeting sexual imaginations connected with own children; parents have to neglect these inappropriate feelings, actively work and show the tender feelings to the child, satisfying his emotional requirements, including in the corresponding not tempting contact.

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Why not to use it again? Sometimes

Why not to use it again? Sometimes She argues so: medicine yields fine results, it is easy to accept it and the dose is known by analogy with last treatment.

Why not to use it again?

Sometimes these drugs cause dangerous complications: high temperature, rashes, an anemia, emergence of blood in urine.

Fortunately, these complications are rare, but they that it is more probable, than more often the person uses these drugs, especially, if them apply incorrectly.

Therefore the doctor, prescribing medicine, it is sure that the probability of good result from application of medicine exceeds risk of harmful effects from the use.

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